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WELCOME to Construction Analysis and Planning, LLC

pic 1Construction Analysis and Planning, LLC (CAP) was founded as an analytical, creative and strategic organization focusing on the most important factor to the overall success of a Construction Project – A GREAT START. Sounds simple, but these 3 words can be the difference in millions of dollars and months of time.

Thorough, comprehensive, planning is the foundation of construction. The quintessential element in planning a project is the Constructability Review, which is a thorough analysis of the Construction Documents. CAP walks step by step through every facet of the construction process, analyzes every detail, weeds out RFI’s & Potential Change Orders, identifies Value Engineering opportunities, identifies & solves the ever important waterproofing issues, identifies potential scope busts and solves difficult coordination issues. CAP prepares the backbone for the Project Teams plan of attack by solving difficult issues before they develop into costly problems or project delays.

pic 1Many General Contractors, Construction Managers, Architects and other Companies offer a Constructability Review as part of their services. The common factor CAP shares with all of these organizations are an expertise in reviewing and analyzing the contents of the Construction Documents with respect to their roles in the Project. CAP raises the bar on our competition in two very dramatic and valuable ways.

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  • First, we are not only experts at reviewing and analyzing the contents of the Construction Documents, we are experts at identifying and solving problems that are missing from the Construction Documents. We have the ability to see what’s not there.
  • Secondly, we are not merely experts in analyzing documents with respect to a specific role in the Project. CAP is an expert in analyzing the documents with respect to all aspects of the Project. Most notably our review comprehensively addresses the perspectives of the Owner, Architect and Prime Contractor.

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We are excited to announce the release of “Construction Management: Subcontractor Scopes”, a textbook written by Jason G. Smith (Founder and Principal of CAP) and Jimmie Hinze (acclaimed author of multiple successful books for the construction industry). This groundbreaking book has been developed primarily for corporate training. Young project engineers and experienced executives alike will study this book and then be given downloaded tests proctored by a company’s human resources department. We are providing crucial training for the professional level, while at the same time replacing costly internal seminars and classes.

This book is a no-nonsense discussion of the nuts and bolts of a construction project. And, specifically, the easily overlooked components that frequently result in change order issues. The readers will walk away from this book with a wealth of knowledge that benefits them and their companies throughout their careers. We are extremely excited about this book!

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